Doug Bulger Photography
Doug Bulger is a photographer with a passion for seeing the unseen.  Making real those things that the every-day grind prevents us from appreciating.  Things as simple as a pipe sticking out of the ground are masterfully transformed into beautiful framed pieces to enjoy for a lifetime.
He brings many experiences to his photography including extensive background in medicine, aviation, and model building.  These seemingly unrelated fields bring a unique perspective to his photography.  He has been working in the field of photography for a number of years, this combined with his life experiences gives him a desire and the tools to provide you with exceptional imagery.
His work has been published in regional magazines.  He currently holds a position as the photographer with the Pacific Northwest 4th Division of the National Model Railroad Association.  As the division photographer he provides new images each month for their magazine, The Grab Iron.  His work is prominently displayed on nearly every cover.  His unique views allow the readers to see other modelers work, providing them with motivation and inspiration.
He hopes through his photography to transform your view of the every-day and enhance your life experiences.  His goal is for you to view the world through his perspective, allowing you the privilege of seeing the beauty that is so often overlooked in your hectic life.
Welcome to my window on the wonderful.